Waste Management Courses.

According to Law 211/2011, art. 23, section 4, persons designated by the owners / producers of corporate waste, traders and business operators waste collection and transport should be trained in waste management, including hazardous waste, following the completion of specialized courses.

The course is open to all owners / producers of waste, legal, merchants and traders licensed to carry waste collection and transport operations as well as any other organization or person having as object of activity and responsibility of different types of waste management.

The aim of the: The aim of the course is to provide knowledge in waste management, strategic planning elements; waste classification; EU directives on waste management; methods of recovery and disposal; responsibility of producers and consumers in waste generation, specific monitoring and reporting information.

· New legislation on waste management - case studies;
· Monitoring and reporting of waste - case studies;
· Practical solutions to avoid violating environmental legislation on waste - case studies.
· Integrated waste management: European trends, waste management policy in Romania, legislative framework and other requirements, product life cycle analysis, case study
· Flow waste management: collection methods; recycling; waste incineration;
· Hazardous waste: hazardous waste management, storage and incineration of hazardous waste, transport hazardous waste, obligations of generators of hazardous waste, case study. Waste electrical and electronic equipment: identifying wastes that fall into the category of WEEE; legislative requirements gathering, transport and recovery; case study. Packaging waste: selective collection, recycling, recovery, disposal. Other types of waste and their management.

Further details will be obtained by accessing the website http://www.cursuriautorizate.ro/ - section training course.

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